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What We Do

Biteris was derived with a

single mission in mind: 


Provide high quality financial products and services to the world. Not just a carbon copy of everything else on out there, but a true business services boutique that would afford everyone in business to go global.


Although it seems like a simple concept, there are hundred of tiny details to take care of. This is how we differenciate ourselves from every other financial institution.


We make it possible for all businesses to truly advance, globally.


Every single merchant that utilizes our crypto as an integrated form of payment for their customers, is automatically eligible for a loan from Biteris up to 100% of  their monthly volume in sales.


There are no credit requirements and high-risk businesses are supported.




Build your business with Biteris. High risk merchants are welcome. We offer the support of a global administrative back-end, transaction protection, and 24/7 client services.

Biteris (BTSC) is a functional, sponsored utility-based token, operating on the Waves Exchange.


Transactions are lightning fast and it can pair with any other viable cryptocurrency.




The difference is in the service. Biteris provides the services as sort of liason for vendor and the buyer.


For instance, Biteris clients can buy real estate anywhere in the world,  from anywhere.


All the legalities are taken care of so the client can be rest assured the transaction will execute smoothly,