Assessment is Crucial.



For any investor, having the information necessary to make informed decisions is crucial. At Biteris we believe that having every bit of information necessary to make those decisions is as important as the project is to the developer. Our Special Assessments Division is responsible for collecting all the data necessary to provide our valued investors is first and foremost.


There are costs associated with these assessments and the developer understands that a third party assessor is required to create a positive scenario for the vested party sucha s venture capitalists, banks, and lenders is required to obtain the funding necessary to proceed with their projects. 


All Biteris Projects are independently investigated, surveyed and reported on openly and periodically. 


Investors can digress from any project by simply placing their project back onto the exchange. We value honesty and integrity. 


To ease the minds of our investors we provide a stable, professional third party assessment, which is required in order to obtain funding with us.