Biteris Global is a blockchain-based entity headquartered in Montenegro, with satellite offices in remote cities around the globe.


Biteris Tokens (BTSC) provide various functions, all beneficial to merchants of virtual and tangible goods, investment capitalists, and entrpreneurs with projects that require funding.


At Biteris we believe that it is up to the individual to make decisions about his or her own finances or the finances surrounding their entity.


Governement regulations have literally destroyed the opportunities of Free Traders around the world. 


Biteris allows investors to link with entrepreneurs and provide funding and payment processing in a world where these fuctions have been stifled.


Merchant processing will be possible upon implementation of BTSC in payment systems and POS terminals around the world. The consumer simply buys tokens and keeps them as currency in their wallet of choice and spends the tokens at whichever retailer/merchant has opted in to receive payment. Merchant can either sell the tokens on the exchange for currency of his or her choice or utilize the tokens to purchase goods or services provided by other merchants.


The tokens are also directly attached by transaction hash, to a particular part of an investment such as small business funding, real estate development, bridge loans, proof of funds, or other non-tangible transactions necessary to execute the given transaction.


Biteris (BTSC) doesn't purport itself to be "money", or replace fiat currency of any government. Conceptually, blockchain development keeps every transaction transparent so there is no way to circumvent the governmental process of taxation. It is the moral or legal responsibility of the end user to consider the legal implications of the use of the token as a way to generate profit.


Biteris takes full responsibility for qualifying the legitimacy of every recipient so as to protect the asset of each investor of any tokenshare.


As a real company actually producing viable assets through the offer of  investment of it's token, (BTSC) becomes a reputable utility token, unlike any competitor.


Biteris has also established and will offer it's TRC20 and ERC20 tokens to investors for long term and short term consumption. 


Currently, 12/1/2019, Biteris currently utilizes the Waves Platform to transact based on it's ease of use and flexibility.


Future endeavors will ultimately move Biteris to migrate to ETH and TRON in order to become more flexible in the retail market.


Given there were no real coders, programmers or technical experts necessary to create or distribute these tokens, the Biteris team is made up of industry professionals who oversee the marketing, inegrity and posture of every project Biteris embarks upon.


As our technology advances and services become more complex, this whitepaper will be updated.


All links have been provided and this website will be the source for all who wish to see our progress.