Lending Requirements


The requirements for development projects can be extensive. Biteris contracts with 3rd party contractors who evaluate the integrity of every construction project. 



Fees for this assessment can be as high as $20,000.00 USD and begin at $4,500.00. We have an extensive assessment process. This protects our investors and assures that every project is transparent and comprehensive to all involved.


You can see our checklist here. Any applicant seeking funding, especially over $1M USD, must submit to our assessment or we cannot consider that project.



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Larry Myshyniuk is a General Contractor, Investor, and Engineering Expert with over 40 years in the Real Estate Construction and Development field. He works closely with developers to assure a positive and profitable end result. Biteris is proud to offer his expertise and guidance while providing funding to your next project.

Larry Myshyniuk