No matter where you are in the world, Biteris can help you process your payments. Online or in-store, regardless of your business type or model, we can process your payments and help your business earn more revenue.


The best part of our service is that there are no processing fees charged to the merchant, and there is no long-term contract. Merchants may cancel our services at any time.



Why Biteris? Why not just Bitcoin or any other crypto?


Yes, Biteris works  in conjunction with Bitcoin. However, you do not need Bitcoin to use Biteris. Biteris (BTSC) functions independently on the Waves Blockchain and is a sponsored asset. This means that no fees will ever be charged to the merchant for receiving a payment, and no crazy conversions are necessary in order to utilize the BTSC.


Any other crypto won't safely escrow your transactions, Biteris does. Every single transaction, should you choose the option.


Any other crypto won't loan you money based on your business volume. Biteris will. No credit and no stringent qualifying factors.


Any other crypto facilitate real estate transactions to and from anywhere in the world. Biteris is specifically designed as a company to facilitate transactions, guarantee solidarity, and help it's clients invest in development projects around the world.


Biteris will never lose value becase it is completely backed by business commodities and real estate. No pumps, no dumps. Our clients come first and this is how we function.