Flip Properties.

Get Paid.

No Credit Needed.

Biteris Funding provides cash funding to flip properties anywhere in the world.


Our system is simple.

Buy in. Find Flips. Get Funded.


Minimum buy in is $555 USD. This feeds our ecosystem and allows for the funding to be available in any market.


Obviously, the more you buy in, the greater your earnings. Some of our investors buy in to our platform and target certain types of properties. Most of our clients simply buy in to obtain the funding they need to flip properties to make a living. The option is purely up to the individual.


Our contract is simple and available to anyone who wishes to utilize our services. Clients can use our partner IndaCoin to easily buy our tokens using a credit card.  


Truly, this is an offer you cannot refuse.


Buy Biteris Utility Tokens directly from the Waves Platform.


Property Listings in The U.S.